Emergency Supply Services

The locally commissioned Emergency Supply Services have now ended and have been replaced with the Advanced Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) Emergency Supply.

Local NHS guidance is that patients presenting requesting an emergency supply are signposted to NHS111 – either via the web or by telephone. Using this route allows the NHS to see the volume of this type of work contractors are doing, and it allows contractors to be paid the CPCS consultation fee.

You still have the ability to make a supply privately and to charge appropriately. Please DO NOT make loans on future prescriptions. You are only perpetuating the problem, you are not getting properly remunerated, and the NHS cannot appreciate the volume of this work we are doing.

NHS111 refer patients via Advanced CPCS to Pharmacies to receive an emergency supply of medication if appropriate. The Pharmacist is required to conduct a private consultation with the patient to establish their needs before deciding how they can procced with the service to best support the patient.


Key information

Please refer to the CPCS Urgent Supply of medicines or appliances FAQs on CPE via the link below

CPCS Frequently Asked Questions – Community Pharmacy England (cpe.org.uk)


Summary of Services Across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent