Anti Microbial Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing us today.

Why it is relevant to you: without effective antibiotics many routine treatments will become increasingly dangerous. Setting broken bones, basic operations, even chemotherapy and animal health all rely on access to antibiotics that work.

What we want you to do: To slow resistance we need to cut the unnecessary use of antibiotics.

The public, students and educators, farmers, the veterinary and medical communities and professional organisations are being asked to become Antibiotic Guardians.

Visit the Antibiotic Guardian webpage today


Antimicrobial Resistance and Community Pharmacy

Antimicrobial resistance is a massive issue, the usefulness of antibiotics is under threat and community pharmacies are ideally placed to give advice to the public about this problem. We should be discouraging them from asking for antibiotics for self-limiting conditions.

We are asking our pharmacists to talk to their teams to update their knowledge on when NOT to suggest going to the GP for a prescription. Green snot does not mean get an antibiotic, sore throats are most often viral, green rubbish on the chest doesn’t mean “get antibiotics” unless your patient has COPD so please get the message right and advise people to self treat.

Check out the attached leaflet that GPs are using to explain to patients why they are not giving them an antibiotic prescription – let’s make sure we are giving the same message.

Getting better without antibiotics leaflet


Coughs and Colds Booklet for the public