Pharmacy Contraception Service – Tier 2 Pilot

The NHS is piloting the option of people being able to have a confidential consultation with a community pharmacist to request a prescription of the contraceptive pill for the first time directly from their pharmacist, rather than from their GP or sexual health clinic. Individuals can be referred to this pilot service in the same way as those accessing an ongoing supply. However, no referral is necessary.

Individuals do not need to be registered with a GP to access this service. Pharmacies will only inform the GP practice that individuals have accessed the service, with their consent.

Patient Eligibility

To be eligible to access initiation of oral contraception a person must:

  • have consented to the referral where appropriate and to participate in the pilot service model
  • wish to discuss the initiation of an oral contraceptive pill. This can include:
    • first time oral contraception user
    • re-initiation of an oral contraceptive after a pill free break
    • switching of an oral contraceptive from one product to an alternative

Pilot Registration

Pharmacy contractors can register for this service if they:

  • have previously registered for the Tier 1 pilot service, or the Tier 1 advanced service and it has been agreed by NHSE they can register for Tier 2
  • have delivered some Tier 1 consultations (ongoing supply of oral contraception)  and are competent to deliver Tier 2 (initiation of oral contraception)
  • intend to provide the service for the duration of the pilot (including any extensions)
  • comply with the Essential Services elements of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF)
  • are in good standing with NHSE
  • comply with all the elements described in the service specification
  • can offer face to face appointments inside a confidential consultation room that complies with relevant GPhC standards, this includes distance selling pharmacies

The SLA and specification can be found on the link below

SLA for Access to Oral Contraception through PGD (Tier 2

A list of pharmacies currently enrolled in the Tier 2 pilot can be found towards the bottom of the NHS England — Midlands » Pharmacy contraception service page

Key Information

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