All members of the pharmacy team who will download EPS prescriptions as part of their role MUST have their own RA01 Smartcard – it is PROHIBITED under the terms of issue to use another person’s Smartcard or allow such use of your own Smartcard in order to access EPS prescriptions or any other process.

CPE have published lots of helpful information on Smartcards here

To access Summary Care Records (SCR) you will need to get your smart card updated, more information is available on CPE here.  Please be aware that the SCR access can be added remotely.  Please contact the service desk (details below) for advice on how to proceed with the update.

Smartcard users will have to renew their certificate every 3 years. Guidance for this process can be found here: Self-renewal NHS smartcard certificate service – NHS Digital

CPE released a briefing document in February 2024 around Smartcard Role and Activity codes, and how to update them and there is also a Smartcard processes and tips quick reference factsheet.


Smartcard Authority for our area is NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU (MLCSU)

If you are on the border of the area, you may need to contact an alternative service desk. Please visit Primary care service provider contact details – NHS Digital to find out other area contacts.


MLCSU Smartcard Service Desk

In the first instance, staff should log jobs regarding Smartcards related matters via the online request form or via email to The service desk no longer take requests for support over the phone. All pharmacy sites should have a Registration Authority (RA) sponsor and agent who will be able to complete various RA tasks for the site. Please contact them first before completing this form. Information for RA agents and how-to guides can be found at Care Identity applications and services – NHS Digital

Follow these links for supporting information if you have a problem with the system not reading your smartcard or other smartcard problems


For all other IT issues, pharmacy staff should continue to contact their local IT supplier.

NHS Digital have regular bulletins which you can sign up for by clicking HERE.