Controlled Drugs and Accountable Officer

Please find here the Midlands CD Newsletter – Winter 2023 (1)  issue of the Midlands’ Controlled Drugs Team newsletter which contains guidance and information/links regarding:

  • How to contact your local NHSE Midlands CD Team
  • New contact details for Fraudulent Prescription Form Reward Scheme
  • Pharmacies – Do you have Obsolete or Out of Date CDs piled up awaiting destruction? – guidance
  • Nitrous Oxide – changes to governing legislation
  • Medicines collection by a Representative on behalf of a drug misuse patient
  • Shortage of Medicines to treat ADHD
  • Guidance for Dentists – Prescription Safety
  • Misuse of Drugs Regulations – changes to legislation
  • T28 Exemption Certificates – Denaturing Controlled Drugs
  • Occurrence Report Submission reminder dates for Designated Bodies
  • How to report CD incidents or concerns to your NHSE CDAO on-line; including sample types of events to report, and the difference between incidents and concerns (this page can be printed as a poster and kept in your CD Register to act as a staff reminder to report incidents and/or concerns relating to CDs)

Please could you make this newsletter available to all relevant members of your team to read.