Communications Subcommittee


Chris Ward

Helen Watton

Alex Zahorodnyj

Gillian Mason


Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Communications subcommittee shall be to: agree and monitor the implementation of the LPC communications strategy; oversee LPC communications channels including management data such as website and social media usage; ensure the LPC has sufficient communications expertise; ensure the LPC can respond to media queries.



1.1 Two or Three  members of the main committee with an interest or expertise in communications, together with an LPC employee communications lead. Membership should include a mix of CCA, AIMp and Independent members.

1.2 In the event that a Communications subcommittee member ceases to be a member of the LPC, the LPC shall appoint a new Communications subcommittee member for the remaining term of office.

1.3 The members of the sub-committee shall appoint a Chair from amongst the members.



2.1 The Communications sub-committee shall be accountable to the main committee, although for crisis management may act in consultation with the LPC chair, if the LPC chair is not a member of the sub-committee.

2.2 The Communications sub-committee shall determine the frequency of meetings needed to discharge its duties. The subcommittee may need to meet more frequently should a specific issue arise which requires it to do so.

2.3 The Communications subcommittee shall report its discussions and outcomes to the main committee.

2.4 A Communications subcommittee member with a conflict of interest should step down temporarily, in which case the sub-committee shall co-opt an additional member from the main committee.

2.5 There is no quorum for the subcommittee, but the maximum attendance will be sought when arranging a meeting.



The Communications subcommittee will:

3.1 Prepare a draft communications strategy for the main committee to consider for inclusion into the LPC workplan. On approval by the committee the Communications subcommittee will monitor implementation.

3.2 Prepare a social media policy for the LPC.

3.3 Ensure that the LPC has a media trained spokesperson, and consider training needs, if required.

3.4 Ensure that the LPC has a protocol to follow when responding to media queries, particularly in crisis situations.

3.5 Help identify and follow up opportunities for proactive media work.

3.6 Monitor the LPC website to make sure it is up to date, relevant to the needs of contracts and reflects well on the LPC.

3.7 Review the LPC’s website and social media usage data and recommend action as necessary

3.8 Be re-elected every two years. This election should coincide with the election of the new Officers.


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