Hema Morjaria

I studied in Leicester and did my pre-registration with Boots in Leamington Spa.  My first job was in a Boots branch that had the busiest dispensary in the whole of Europe at the time.  After a short spell of locum work, my first pharmacy was a retirement sale of a quaint village business.  As well as human medicines we made cough medicines for horses and preparations for other livestock.

I took a break to have the first child and my husband took over.  He was a CPPE tutor and I assisted, hence, attended all the courses.  I acquired a contract to become first pharmacist on Leicester Family Health Authority.   Here jobs included promoting the profession. Soon after this the opportunity of a larger pharmacy arose, again a retirement sale so we moved to Stoke-on-Trent.

I have joined the LPC as I want to be part of a better NHS in the future, promoting self-care in the community with full commitment to be Healthy Living Pharmacy! I have two daughters both doing medicine so am looking forward to following the changes with them.


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