Pharmacy Opening Hours During Christmas and New Year


Please find linked below details of pharmaceutical provision across the West Midlands for the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Pharmacy premises must exhibit a notice, based on information provided by NHS England, at times when the premises are not open. Where practicable the notice should be legible from outside the pharmacy premises, specifying the addresses of other NHS pharmacies and the days on which and times which drugs and appliances may be obtained from those addresses (The National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services Regulations 2013 Schedule 4, Part 3 paragraph 23(4)b).

The pharmacy opening hours across the Midlands region can also be accessed by patients and healthcare professionals at NHS England — Midlands » Bank Holiday pharmacy opening times and follow the drop down menus for the correct area.

A printable spreadsheet of the opening hours in West Midlands can be downloaded here

Pharmacy contractors are expected to have updated their own NHS UK and DoS profiles. If DoS Profile has not been updated, pharmacies will need to request emergency profiling changes by the DoS team by phoning 0300 0200 363.