Sodium Valproate: New Regulatory Measures

New regulatory measures were released around Sodium Valproate prescribing and dispensing at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 that all pharmacy staff should be aware of.

Full pack dispensing: What you need to know

  • Unless there are exceptional circumstances, valproate-containing medicines must always be dispensed in the manufacturer’s original full pack.
  • Pharmacists must either round up or down so that the patient receives their supply in the manufacturer’s original full pack and ensure that they receive an amount that is as close as possible to that prescribed.
  • Valproate-containing medicines must not subsequently be re-packaged into plain dispensing packaging.

Dispensing to Women and Girls: What you need to know

  • Provide a patient card and the patient information leaflet every time
  • Remind them of the risks in pregnancy and the need for highly effective contraception
  • Remind them of the need for annual specialist review
  • Ask them if they have received the patient guide


More information is available on the GPhC website and new safety and education materials are available via the MHRA at Valproate safety measures – GOV.UK (